About Medispec (Pty) Ltd

Medispec (Pty) Ltd is the first manufacturer of ostomy products in Africa, producing quality Easywear ostomy products to the highest of industry standards. The brand was established in 1990 and 29 years later we are still the only manufacturer of our kind not only in Africa but the entire Southern Hemisphere. Being part of the AC Industries group, we are 100% South African and our factory is fully compliant with the latest medical manufacturing standards, including ISO9001:2015. With our focus on continued research and development, we remain committed to ensuring that our products offer the best comfort and ease to medical patients.

  • All our products are developed and manufactured in-house.
  • Shorter production process.
  • More cost-effective to the wholesalers as well as the end users.
  • Comfort and flexibility.
  • Uniquely developed non-allergenic adhesives.
  • Carefully shaped and contoured to maintain a low profile against the body.
  • Easily worn below standard clothing, swimming and sports clothing.
  • A filter allows for the odourless release of gas, so there is no ballooning.
  • Easy to manage and clean, disposable products are supplied with proven instructions for effortless and secure management, from attachment to replacement and disposal.

As a completely South African product, designed and manufactured in a South African factory, by South Africans, the factory and its personnel are always on hand for fast delivery, consultation and unique development solutions to specialist problems.


About Injection Moulding

Injection moulding is a process used to manufacture parts by processing material into a custom designed mould. The machine used for injection moulding operates on a similar basis as that of a giant syringe. By feeding granular plastic into a heated barrel, a screw type plunger then pushes the plastic forward where it is forced into a heated chamber to melt and then through a nozzle into the mould. A variety of different polymer (plastics) can be used, depending on the properties needed.

Our German machinery is carefully maintained to ensure excellent results. We specialize in all polymers from polypropylene, polyurethane through to nylons and other engineering plastics. We have our own, highly specialized tool room for the development and manufacture of moulds.

Typical applications for injection moulding include:

  • Packaging
  • Medical
  • Automotive
  • Military
  • Mechanical
  • Electronic containers

The indisputable advantages of injection moulding include:

  • Enables more intricate designs
  • Produce a high volume of components in short periods
  • Any reject material can be recycled to minimize cost
  • Ensures that all parts produced are exactly the same

Once you have decided on injection moulding as your solution, we can assist ensuring that you make the best decisions with regard to:

  • Material you are going to use for the component
  • Shape and features of the final product
  • The properties of the component
  • The functionality and esthetics of the final parts