About Machine Innovations

Machine Innovations is another brand of AC Industries, specializing in custom built machinery. We design and manufacture a wide range of industrial machines for the manufacturing industry as well as a variety of other industries. Machine Innovations will custom build your machine according to your needs and the entire process, from conception to drawing, mock-up and prototyping is undertaken under one roof.

Industries we have supplied machine systems to include:

  • The Medical Industry
  • Casting industry
  • Manufacturing industry
  • Agricultural industry
  • Military industry

About Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet Cutting is a precision cutting service offered by Machine Innovations. A waterjet is an industrial tool that uses high pressured water to cut materials. With a specified nozzle controlling the pressured stream of the water, this technique makes it possible to cut metal or even granite with absolute precision, no matter how intricate the shape might be. Our five axis waterjet technology can cut a variety of different materials, ranging from steel, stone, glass, plastics and foams. With this latest waterjet technology, materials can be cut to tolerances as fine as 40 micron.

Depending on the material, an abrasive substance like, garnet or aluminum oxide will sometimes be added to the water when cutting harder materials like metals or granite. Rubber and wood however, can easily be cut with pure water.

Due to the fact that this entire process keeps the temperature level very low, it is perfect to use on metals that are sensitive to high temperatures.

The “tilt-jet” waterjet, as used by AC industries, offers a much more detailed cutting service. Most waterjet cutters are advanced fixed angles but with the Five Axis waterjet we are now able to cut 2D as well as 3D contours on various surfaces.

Applications for waterjet cutting services:

  • Machine part production
  • Signage
  • Engineering
  • Architectural Elements
  • Model making

The benefits of waterjet cutting:

  • The high precision allows for the cutter to be used in the fabrication of machine parts.
  • When cutting a metal sensitive to high temperatures, it won't interfere with the general structure or composition of the metal.
  • Complex shapes can now be cut easily and more accurately.
  • The accuracy with which the waterjet cuts, minimizes waste material.
  • No heat damage is caused to any surfaces.
  • Edge quality can be controlled according to the thickness of the material and the speed of the waterjet.
  • The stream of water can easily be modified, enabling it to cut a variety of sensitive materials.
  • It can cut materials to 100mm, or even thicker.
  • Cost effective

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