About Leron Castings (SA) (Pty) Ltd

Leron Castings (SA) (Pty) Ltd was established by directors Abrie & Claire le Roux in 1988.

Leron Castings specializes in the manufacturing and production of metal and plastic components for the clothing, leatherwear, jewelry and promotional industries, focusing on metal casting and plastic/resin casting. “Casting” refers to the process of using a liquid material, pouring it into a mould of a specific shape and allowing it to solidify. The solidified end result, once broken out of the mould, is the casting. We undertake the preproduction, from idea through to artwork, model making mock-ups and prototypes, through to mould making and final production. We offer a complete range of finishes including brass, antique brass, copper, nickel, antique nickel, gunmetal, solid colors, as well as gold and silver

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Leron Castings (Pty) Ltd