At BA Coatings, we specialize in corrosion engineering for the application and curing of specialist anti-corrosion and anti-erosion coatings. Our expertise extends to:

  • Fluorocarbon polymers and metalized coatings
  • Chemical engineering
  • Military industry

In addition, we have the knowledge and expertise to offer our customer consulting services in the specification and application of anti-corrosive chemicals to metallic surfaces.


Choosing the correct protective coating for your product is just one step towards protecting it. The application process is vital to ensuring the efficiency of the layer. Our skills lie in surface preparation, application, curing, and testing.

Our services include:

Our coating processes include:

  • Non-stick Coatings
  • Corrosion engineering: Application and curing of specialist anti-corrosion and anti-erosion coatings for industrial and other intensive applications.
  • Consulting services: For the specification and application of anti-corrosive coatings to metallic surfaces.
  • Thermal Spraying: A coating method that sprays molten metals onto a metal.
    • Used for thick layered coatings
    • Sprayed onto a large area
    • Materials used include; metal, alloys of metals.
  • Specialized Functional Powder Coatings: Polymers are applied as a powder, and then heated to form the layer.
    • Used on most metals.

These are the three main Fluorocarbon Polymers we specialize in:


A low friction, non-reactive, versatile material.


  • In containers and pipe work for reactive and corrosive chemicals
  • Used as a lubricant in machinery, it reduces friction and is typically used where a sliding action of parts are needed, e.g. gears, etc.


Very similar composition to P.T.F.E.


  • A material that can be applied in thicker layers
  • Used at higher temperatures


High chemical resistance, with excellent permeation resistance makes this the perfect anti-corrosion coating.


  • Wet tool and tubing systems
  • Perfect coating for equipment exposed to chemical cleaning
  • Heat exchangers and pumps
  • Tanks and reactors